Cleaning vertical facades

Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and chlorides that fall to the ground in the form of sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid through rains and humidity contribute to a constant deterioration of city installations.

Gemini makes use of the services of skilled operators and uses suitable products and machinery for cleaning and protecting surfaces in order to obtain a perfect and lasting result over time. Cleaning can affect both surfaces that are degraded by smog and weather, and those damaged by graffiti and paints or adhesives.

The use of aerial platforms of various models allows reaching appropriate heights depending on the load and the job to be done, such as the cleaning of glass facades of buildings and installations of various kinds.

If it is not possible to use mechanical means for accessing the surfaces to be cleaned, qualified personnel perform the job "on ropes" in conditions of utmost safety, using mountaineering techniques that allow versatile and effective intervention.