Pipe cleaning

Every day, millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses deposit inside ventilation pipes and are subsequently released into the environment causing serious health and safety problems.

Individuals suffer from allergies or chronic respiratory diseases because of the poor hygienic conditions of the air emitted by polluted systems. The problem is so serious that the EEC has envisaged the implementation of directives that foresee constant monitoring and cleaning of systems in compliance with applicable legislation.

The presence of dust deposits in pipelines causes a considerable increase in costs deriving from the waste of energy needed to overcome the resistance of dirt to air flow as well as the absorption of heat by such dirt, which is among the main causes of the risk of fire outbreaks and propagation.

Attempts made so far to clean pipes have never guaranteed the effectiveness of the results due to equipment which is often unsuitable. Innovation is based on the application of efficient and specifically designed cleaning methods, combined with remote photography systems.